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Our Screen Track Systems

A screen track system replaces the old way of installing screen mesh to a porch. The new screen track system technology provides many benefits over its predecessor.  Please scroll and view the different screen track system options that we provide.

The MagnaTrack 

By Progressive 

PROGRESSIVE SCREENS is a leading manufacturer of motorized screening solutions for patios, garages, windows, lanais, gazebos, picture windows, outside eating areas, carports, entryways and more! We offer both residential and commercial applications to enhance your outdoor lifestyle.


Our new patented MagnaTrack system outperforms any other zipper-style motorized screen! MagnaTrack is the only motorized screen that can provide completely hassle-free operation - guaranteed!


Screeneze is a track system designed and built for screen porch, gazebos, & large opening applications. Its revolutionary design allows screens to span upto 150 sqft. without any additional support. One of the major benefits for using this system is that it can withstand 400 mph winds. Contact us today for our special pricing.

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