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Authorized Dealer

For 20 years Wizard has Consistently Created Superior Screen Solutions. As a dedicated manufacturer of Retractable Screen Solutions the Wizard product line is customized to each door or window and installed by a certified professional. Enjoy the View!


Smartscreens is an innovative pull down screen or shade that can cover up to 12’wide x 10’ tall openings. Features auto stop, captured mesh and can used for insect control, sun control or privacy.


The RetractaView is a premium retractable screen solution capable of screening door openings up to 110 inches wide (double doors), and 55 inches wide (single doors).


Vistaview can screen up to 28’-43' wide double doors (or corners) and 14’- 21’6”wide single doors with a durable and wind resistant high grade insect mesh. Features industry leading auto stop and captured mesh.


Designed and built to last, Wizard provides industry leading warranties and ensures that each home solution provides years of trouble free use.


Our products are engineered for durability, built with superior materials and high end components to provide an unmatched peace of mind.

Living in Style 

Designed for beauty and elegance wizard home solutions are contemporary and state of the art. The best home accessories are the ones you don't see.

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